Lateasa Polito | Diamond Leader

I a mother of 2 handsome little boy's. I started out as a customer to It Works Global and fell in love with my results. I decided that I wanted to become a distributor and take control of my financial freedom. Being a single mother isn't easy and I did NOT want that to have a financial and personal impact on the mother that I want to be. I didn't want to be the mom that was always at work, or the mom that has to miss important games or school programs because of my work schedule. I didn't want to be told when or how much vacation time I could take. I didn't want to feel like I was a NASCAR race driver everyday dashing through traffic just to pick up my son for daycare on time so I wouldn't have to pay late charges......I wanted to TAKE CONTROL OF MY LIFE and become not only DEBT FREE but LIFESTYLE FREE. 

Health and Wellness has always been a passion of mine being that I have been an athlete my entire life. Being able to help others obtain there health and wellness goals is such a fulfilling thing. To have the ability to help my team members change their lives and their families lives is an indescribable feeling. 

I truly believe in my products and all that it has to offer and I can promise you success in this business if your willing to step outside yourself and DO! Do it for your Why's! What is your "Why"? Wanting more in life? Wanting success? Wanting fulfillment? Wanting financial freedom? Ask yourself...."What is my WHY?" Go ahead.....ask write them go and click JOIN THE PARTY!!! Change your life!

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